The Difference Between Detectors

Standard Infrared Motion detector

Standard Passive Infrared Sensor

Passive Infrared Detectors or PIR can prevent intrusions by detecting of heat in the environment. There are situations when it can cause false alarms by detecting heat movement. Here are some examples:

·         The hot air drifted up from the dishwasher after its wash cycle finished triggering the PIR.

·         The air conditioner can also trigger the PIR by producing cold air out and pushing hot air across the room.

·         A glass window warming up in direct sunlight, which heated the air inside. If a sudden draft comes in, it can push the air across the room and trigger the PIR.

Dual sensor Infrared Motion detector

Quad Logic Motion Sensor

Quad Passive Infrared Detectors and the standard PIR have the same characteristics, but Quad has two PIR detectors. Quad is more reliable in detecting intrusions, and it would not produce false alarms because the two PIR’s would have to register the same heat movement for the alarm to go off.

Dual Technology Microwave and Infrared Motion detector

Dual Technology Motion Detector

The Dual Technology Detector consists of a Passive Infrared Detector and a Microwave Detector, which emits microwaves to detect changes in the reflected microwaves. This detector would not produce false alarms because both the PIR and the Microwave sensor have to activate for this sensor to trigger an alarm.