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See Our Range of Perimeter Reed Switches

Perimeter Protection Reed Switches

We sell an extensive range of perimeter reed switches that suit any installation situation required. Some of our reed switches are so unobtrusive that you can't see them without looking at the inside of the door and window frames. These switches are right from a visual perspective, but it's important to explain precisely how these reed switches work as they may cause false alarms. The reed switch comes with two parts. One part is a magnet and the other part an open contact with two wires coming out that is designed to connect to an input on the alarm panel. When you align the magnet with the open contact side, it closes the contacts and, therefore, the zone on the alarm panel. When the magnet moves away, the input unseals, and the alarm panel goes into alarm. With these facts in mind, the installation of the two halves of the reed switch has to align when closed. It is also critical that the gap between the two halves is not too large to ensure correct operation.

Why you should Use Reed Switches

Reed switches have two functions concerning security the first is to offer a unique technology as a first line of defence against burglars. The second is a secondary function if programmed to provide home or business invasion protection while you're within the confines of the alarm systems stay area. Finally, I should note that these reed switches are for wired installation. If you are looking for wireless reed switches, you need to see our wireless parts page for the particular alarm brand that interests you.

See Our Range of Movement Detection Devices

Movement Detection Devices

We have compiled a range of different movement detectors that will suit any security installation requirement. In particular, when considering what sensor you need to provide the perfect movement coverage for the area you need to secure, there are two aspects to note. The first is what is the measurement of the detection area and secondly is there any physical barriers that may interfere with a detector's ability to detect movement. A couple of things to note detectors don't detect through the glass, walls or any physical barrier. After considering these questions, you can then look through our range and find a sensor that will cover the area. We supply sensors that cover up to 90 meters, but it is essential to investigate the width of the beam at distances to ensure you purchase the correct amount of detectors. Other important things to mention is that this range only applies to wired systems. If you are looking for wireless sensors, you need to see our wireless parts page for the particular alarm brand that interests you. Secondly and probably the most important thing to mention is to look at the environment of the detection area as it is essential to match the detectors sensor functionality to ensure no false alarms. For more information on the sensor technologies see our detector type's page here.

Outdoor Indoor Perimeter PE Beam Detection Equipment

Perimeter PE Beam Detection Equipment

PE Beams have many applications their primary use is as a perimeter burglar detection system for a house or business. Other applications include across entry gateways to a property that can trigger the Camera system to send shots of what broke the beam. The beams designed for short distances only have a reflector to reflect the transmitted beam to the receiver beam in the same unit. These types of PE beams are usually found on doorways to business to inform staff that a customer has entered the shop. The beams that do greater distances have separate units being a transmitter and receiver both ends require cable running to them the receiver needs 12v DC power, and the transmitter requires 12v DC with two extra wires for the alarm contacts to connect to the alarm system. Some models have better protection from animals like birds flying through the beam causing false alarms. These units usually have some beams at different angles and heights that all need braking for the alarm system to go into alarm. Our range of PE beams has models that will cover up to 200 meters. If you require a wireless PE beam, I strongly recommend the NESS wireless ones they have a Pet free type that I have found useful for reducing false alarms.

Miscellaneous Alarm Detection Devices

Miscellaneous Alarm Detection Devices

See our range of miscellaneous alarm devices.

Smoke Detector

The wired smoke detector is suitable for installation on any of the alarm panels we sell. It is CSIRO certified and listed to AS3786 Australian Standard with Building Code Australia Compliance 2012/24.

Glass Break Detector

We also sell a glass breakage sensor that is designed to pick up the frequency of breaking glass it needs mounting on the ceiling in front of windows. The glass break is suitable for any of the alarm panels we sell.

Duress Alarm Button

There is also a dual button hold up or panic button assembly for sale here. The double button switch ensures false alarms won't be activated as both buttons need to be pushed at the same time to transmit a signal. If you need a wireless smoke detector, glass break detector or duress alarm you need to look at our wireless parts page for the particular alarm brand that interests you. 

Siren Strobes Output Spare Parts

Siren Strobes Output Spare Parts

See our range of sirens and strobes. If you have a large property, you can buy one of these siren strobe kits or a new screamer for the other end of your house or business. You will find the standard strobe /siren boxes and the slimline siren strobes for NESS, Bosch, and Hills here. If you have a faulty siren strobe box, you can use one of these kits as a replacement part.

Power Supply Battery Parts

Power Supply Battery Parts

We sell two ranges of power supplies.

24V Ac Power Supplies

The first type is 24 Volt AC for particular CCTV cameras that we sell. Our range of 24V AC provides ranges from 1 Amp for singular cameras to 10 Amp supplies for multiple camera supplies.

12V DC Power Supplies

The second type is 12 volt DC that suite Alarm System, Access control, and Camera Systems voltage supply. Again we have power supplies with output current ratings in 12 V DC from 1.5Amp to 8Amp for multiple devices. You will also find backup batteries for these supplies that range from 12 volts 4 amp hour to 12 volt 18 amp hour suited for access control power supply back up.

UPS Power Supplies

There are also two models of UPS "Uninterrupted Power Supply" these are suitable for installation with Digital Video Recorders and Cameras. The UPS provides two functions the first is to allow the recorder and cameras to keep recording if the AC power disconnects from the property. The second function is to protect the video recording and camera equipment from power fluctuations and surges. Given the enormous expense of these camera systems, it is a good idea to install one of these UPS to protect them.

Security System Cable

Security System Cable

We supply an extensive range of CCTV, Alarm and Access control cable.

CCTV Cable

Our CCTV cabling range included both separate cables for analogue Camera Systems and combined coax power cord in the one sheath for easy wiring installation. We also supply pre-made wires that will save installation time by not having to fit connectors to the cable ends. Our Network CCTV cable consists of both data cable supplied in 305-meter boxes and pre-made data cable with RJ45 connectors provided.

Alarm System Cable

When it comes to alarm cabling, we have both six core and four core security cable. You will find that these cable rolls come in both light duty and heavier duty cable and at roll lengths of 100m and 300m in length. We also supply figure 8 which suits power supply cabling for both CCTV and Alarm cabling. As far as LAN "local area network" wiring goes depending on which system you are installing the security cable may suffice, or you could require twisted shield pair cable.

Access Control Cable

Is only required for the NESS access control readers we sell. The Bosch and Hills readers run on the alarm system LAN, which utilises security cable. Figure 8 wires are used to power the door locks.

Camera System Parts

Camera System Parts

We have a range of necessary parts required for Camera systems on this site if you need a unique part, Bosch or NESS Security camera don't hesitate to call as we can supply these parts.

Camera Enclosures

Vandal proof outdoor camera enclosures for bullet cameras and lens installation

Infrared Beam Units

These infrared beam units can be used to illuminate areas at night for IR cameras without onboard IR LED. They can also be used to provide extra night vision illumination for existing Infrared cameras.

CCTV Connectors

We supply Analogue BNC plugs, sockets, and adapters. Power supply cabling sockets, plugs and Network camera system connectors

See Our Install Site for a Price on Alarm and Camera System Installation

See Our Install Site for a Price on Alarm Camera System Cabling and Parts Installation

We can supply and fit any of these Security System cables and parts for sale on this site in Sydney, Illawarra and the Southern Highlands of NSW. To find out more information on the installed prices of these security parts. Follow the link to our installation website.

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